Update on my Ally high interest savings account


Hi everyone. Just the other day a visitor that goes by the name of “DJ” left a comment on one of my posts regarding Ally’s high interest savings account, and in that comment he asked if I am still happy with Ally. I figured it would be nice to make a post letting you all know what I think of Ally thus far, so here it goes.

Well, I’ve been with them for over a year now and thus far I am glad to report that I haven’t had one single issue with both their services and their customer support. I haven’t had to get in touch with them often but when I did they helped me out in a courteous and prompt manner. But what makes it all better is the high interest my money has earned thus far.

So in conclusion I will be keeping my Canadian Dollars with them for the forseable future, and I also have no problems recommending that others do the same.

Thanks for visiting.