Digital Gold Currency Magazine Jan 2011 Issue Is Out

Hi everyone. It has been quite a while since I last blogged about the e-currency/gold currencies scene, and I think it’s about time I get back into it. I am still sort of a believer in the whole gold currencies idea, although the sad thing is that this industry has seen some challenges over the past years. E-gold is in limbo as far as I know, eBullion ended rather ignominiously, but I’m glad to report that Liberty Reserve and Pecunix are still alive and kicking. So there has been a lot of turmoil but there is hope. I think the e-currency industry will for the most part remain a “niche” industry, however you never know there could always be some major “revolution” that may take place. E-currencies empower a lot of economically disadvantaged people (ie they can’t gain access to the “major” online payment systems etc) and just because of that they will always have a role to play, but from what I’ve seen over the years of experience with e-currencies there is always a very strong opposition from the financial establishment and ignorant goverment institutions.

Ok, enough of my rant, the reason I made this blog post is to let you know that the latest version of the Digital Gold Currency Magazine is out – Jan 2011. So go read it and enjoy!

Here is the link: