Lets clear up common Bitcoin misconceptions

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My interest in Bitcoin having been rekindled I find myself in a rather interesting situation. When I tell people about Bitcoin and how it works  I sometimes run into a brick wall of misconceptions and biases, so to clear these misconceptions I send them to the Bitcoin Wiki. They have a nice section called “Myths” where they attempt to “clear up common Bitcoin misconceptions” and I personally think they’re done a good job. If you’ve just gotten into Bitcoin and you’re not quite “getting it” and think that Bitcoin is still just another e-currency doomed to failure, have a look at this link please:


Stay tuned to this blog as I have some big plans for Bitcoin. I am working on launching quite a few online services that will work solely with Bitcoins thus hopefully I will be doing my share to make the bitcoin economy grow and add extra value to it as well.



One thought on “Lets clear up common Bitcoin misconceptions”

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