Frontline – Breaking the Bank

FRONTLINE’s Breaking the Bank tells the story of Lewis’ struggle to survive in this new financial order, where public outrage and government edicts are now as important to banking as shareholders and deposits. With his bank on the brink, Lewis now finds himself the subject of a shareholder revolt, congressional indignation, presidential pressure and the increasingly conflicting demands of private investors and government officials.

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One thought on “Frontline – Breaking the Bank”

  1. Recently these “too-big-to-fail banks” have been making some huge mistakes with their “customers”. A “Student Free” account is no longer free and hasn’t been according to my sons statement for a few months. College kids and those kids saving for their financial future are being charged a $5.00 “maintenance fee per month. They are now charging new Student accounts $9.95 for using a “live” teller, $4.00 per month for using the ATM. These “students” make minimum wage, the bank charges these fees while they make interest on the monies in these “student” accounts. We as a family have decided any banking with these “too-big-to-fail banks” is over. We are only going to be dealing with a Credit Union at this point. So long to the “too-big-to-fail banks”. I am sure we aren’t the only ones out there!

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