Update on Skimlinks performance

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Hi everyone.  On Nov 9’th I blogged about how I have been testing a new website monetization system called “Skimlinks” and I did promise that I will write a full review after a month or so of use, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give you a brief update on how Skimlinks has been working for me.

So far I am happy with the earnings I’ve gotten from Skimlinks – it isn’t a “lot” but it’s ok for a small beginning. In total I think I’m approaching $50 from the 9’th of this month till today. Like I said, nothing to write home about but better than nothing. As I said in my previous post, if you combine Skimlinks with AdSense you will maximize your earning potential, so this is something that I definitely recommend you do.

What I found interesting is that so far the major chunk of my Skimlinks earnings come from Amazon sales. Thus if your website is rich in product related keywords you could potentially pull in some nice commissions.

I’m going to end this post here, but like I said the full review is coming soon.

Best of luck to you all,