Questrade still offering 3 months of free stock trades

questrade logo

Greetings fellow Canadian investors. A while back I blogged about how my current stock broker – Questrade – is offering 3 months of free trades. Well, I just wanted to remind that this promotion is still active, so if you’re thinking about switching brokers or thinking about getting into either trading stocks as a daytrader or simply want to build your own custom stock portfolio now would be the time to make a move. One reason to switch to this broker is that they offer the lowest commission rates in Canada.

So anyways, what you need to do to qualify for 3 free months of trading is visit this link and then use this offer code: RSP2013

Good luck and happy trading!

Btw, if you wish to discuss stocks – especially Canadian stocks – join me at the Stocks Nirvana forum.

Alan out.