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Answer 1 Question and Win a UMT Scholarship


What would you do with a complimentary personal trainer? Someone to
teach you the right moves, help you strengthen all your weaknesses, and
leave you with the knowledge and the tools to continue to grow strong on
your own.

Of course, I’m not talking about your physical health. I’m talking about
your trading health. It’s known that when you have a personal one-on-one
trainer you excel quicker and you avoid making mistakes that will injure
you (or your portfolio) in the future.

Looks like the guys over at NetPicks are providing you with just that, a
personal trainer/mentor to sculpt you into the ultimate trading machine.

And they’re up to their usual crazy shenanigans – they are actually giving
away an entire UMT Ultimate course right now on their blog!

Visit the blog now:

All you have to do is post your stellar answer to 1 easy question about how
one-on-one training would help you and you’re eligible to win.

Yes, that’s it. You could hear your name announced on March 10th during
their live webinar and win the whole course and your very own personal

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If you’re like me you made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape. Why
not get fit in every aspect of your life, including trading?

Resolve to be in shape. Go now and get your winning response in:

Good Luck!
UMT Team

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Register today, mark it on your calendar, and attend to hear the winner and
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Trade multiple markets and multiple timeframes with one system


Being a trader like myself, I’m sure you’ve purchased many systems, courses
and strategies for upwards of $5,000. Therefore, you can relate to the
frustration I feel when I purchase a system for $5,000+ and I go to use it
in the different markets I trade, only to find out I have to pay the
$5,000+ for every single market I want to trade.

We both need a system that can be flexible and will allow me to trade multiple
markets in multiple timeframes.

It’s rare to find one system that you can master that will have this level
of flexibility without forcing you to purchase other add-ons. That’s why I
was relieved to find a solution.

Watch the video to see what I’m talking about:

When you invest thousands of dollars in your trading strategy it’s easy to
see the value in a system that will allow you to diversify. Then, when the
system is backed-up by showing you how it’s used in the Forex, Futures, and
Stocks/Options LIVE MARKETS, there’s not only value, but proof that this
system really works across markets!

Did you view the video? Take 7 minutes to check-this-out:

Happy Trading!

P.S. Maybe you’re not looking to diversify right now, but don’t you want
to have the option in the future and not have to worry about investing even
more money?

Save yourself the time and money click now:

Your Personal Stock Trading Robot


This is a quick post… Because only the first 10 people will be able to join this…

That video is of a guy called Jason Kelly using his stock trading robot to make 6082.60 live on video.

Jason Kelly, the guy behind this product, is only letting 10 people join him before he deactivates the sign up form!

Watch short video here…

So if the sign up form at the bottom of that page is still working…you’re in luck.

Scroll to the top, and watch the short video…but be quick, as he is only accepting the first 10 applications.

After that the sign up form will stop working!

Oh, by the way, on that page there is also an interview with Jason Kelley on the U.S. television show “Traders Nation.” This guys is also the author of “The Ultimate Money Machine – Artificial Intelligence Comes to Wall Street”. Pretty interesting stuff.

Maybe robots trading stocks is really the future.  I’m already familiar with robots trading currencies and I can definitely see the potential.

Best regards and hope you make lots of money!