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Attention Canadian stock traders – Get a free iPad mini from Questrade

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Hello fellow Canadian stock traders. I just found out yesterday via e-mail that my current stock broker – Questrade – is giving away free iPad mini. An iPad mini is yours when you open and fund an account with $100,000. Or, fund a new account with just $1,000 and you will be entered to win one of 10. Questrade still offers the lowest stock trading commissions in Canada so I’d definitely still recommend using them. These free this and that promos they offer once in a while are nice and all but the main reason to go with them are the lower trading costs.

Enjoy and happy trading!

Alan out.


Questrade still offering 3 months of free stock trades

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Greetings fellow Canadian investors. A while back I blogged about how my current stock broker – Questrade – is offering 3 months of free trades. Well, I just wanted to remind that this promotion is still active, so if you’re thinking about switching brokers or thinking about getting into either trading stocks as a daytrader or simply want to build your own custom stock portfolio now would be the time to make a move. One reason to switch to this broker is that they offer the lowest commission rates in Canada.

So anyways, what you need to do to qualify for 3 free months of trading is visit this link and then use this offer code: RSP2013

Good luck and happy trading!

Btw, if you wish to discuss stocks – especially Canadian stocks – join me at the Stocks Nirvana forum.

Alan out.

Canadian stock traders – Get 3 months of free stock trades

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Greetings fellow Canadian investors and traders. I have a pretty cool promotion passed on to me by Questrade – my current stock broker. They’re having a special promotion where you can get free unlimited trades for a period of 3 months. Use offer code RSP2013 before March 1, 2013 to get unlimited free trades. It’s really all that simple. Is there a catch? Nope, but there is fine print that you should read, and speaking of which here it is:

Terms and conditions

How to qualify

Open a new registered, margin or TFSA* account by 11:59 p.m. ET, March 1st, 2013 and, depending on your funding level, get up to 3 months of unlimited free stock trades. The free trades are in the form of commission rebates.

Get started here

  • Enter the promotional code RSP2013 online when completing the application for a new account.
  • The offer is open to new and existing equity clients.
  • The free trades apply to equity trades only (sorry, no option orders, gold trading, mutual fund trading, or foreign currency trading).
  • Foreign exchange (forex) accounts are not eligible.
  • If you are funding your account by transferring from another broker, the transfer must be initiated by 11:59 p.m. ET, March 1st, 2013 and must be completed within 60 days of initiation to qualify for the offer.
  • New accounts by existing Questrade clients cannot be funded by transferring funds from another Questrade account.

Depending on your funding levels, get 1, 2, or 3 months of free trades: details

  • The minimum required funding to get 3 months of unlimited free stock trades is CAD $50,000. All equity trades completed within 90 days of account activation are free.
  • The minimum required funding to get 2 months of unlimited free stock trades is CAD $25,000. All equity trades completed within 62 days of account activation are free.
  • The minimum required funding to get 1 month of unlimited free stock trades is CAD $1,000. All equity trades completed within 31 days of account activation are free.

And to make it easier to get started…

  • You have an additional 30 days from the date the account is activated to reach the minimum funding requirement for additional month(s) of unlimited free stock trades. That sounds complicated, but really it’s quite simple. Here’s an example: fund it with $1,000 immediately so you get started trading. Then before the month is up, add another $49,000, and your free trades continue for the full three months. Nice, huh?

Some terms and conditions

  • Your account will be charged for the trading commission during the qualifying period and the commission will then be rebated to your account within three business days of the trade execution up to a maximum of $9.95 per trade.
  • Account holders must maintain the following minimum account balance for at least 6 months of account funding in order to be eligible for the corresponding offer:
    • $50,000 for 3 months of unlimited free stock trades
    • $25,000 for 2 months of unlimited free stock trades
  • If the account balance falls below the minimum required amount before the end of the 6 month period due to withdrawals on your account, you will no longer qualify for the offer and Questrade will apply a charge to your account based on the credited amount. If the account balance falls below the minimum required asset amount due to market fluctuations, you are still eligible for the offer and no charges will be applied.

A few more terms and conditions

  • Other trade fees including exchange and ECN fees may apply.
  • This is free trades only. You will not receive cash compensation for any unused free trade commissions.
  • Amounts quoted are in CAD.
  • You are solely responsible for any tax consequences or other amounts which may be associated with the Offer.
  • This offer is not available to Questrade employees or members of their household.
  • This offer is subject to change without notice.
  • This is a one-time offer per client. This means pick your account wisely: put the free trades in the account you want to trade in!
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other Questrade offer except free to transfer (see below).


Questrade will pay your transfer-out fees up to CAD $150 when you move a minimum of CAD $25,000 to Questrade from another brokerage. Payment of the transfer-out fee is capped at CAD $150 and is limited to one account per client.

To take advantage of this limited time promo simply open an account by visiting the Questrade homepage.

Enjoy your free trades!


How to spot the top 3% of all stocks in seconds

Dear Trader,

As you probably know, there are over 7,000 stocks to choose from on just the U.S. exchanges alone…

But what you might NOT know is that about 97% of these stocks are PURE POISON for your portfolio, meaning that the odds are stacked AGAINST you before you even place a trade.

Recently, I discovered a way to automatically FILTER OUT the ‘poison’ stocks and leave you with:

  • The Top 3% that offer the most profit potential every time you trade.

These are the safest, most predictable stocks that give you the best odds…

-and if you’re NOT trading stocks in the Top 3%, you could be unknowingly KILLING your portfolio.

I recorded a series of training videos that reveal my discovery, and show you how to filter out the poison stocks yourself.

The first video is ready to watch here…

After you watch it, please leave a comment below the video and let me know what you think.

I think we’re on to something big here…

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. With this discovery, you have the potential to BEAT the S&P500 by 4,760% or MORE. I know, it sounds weird, but it’ll make sense after you watch the video…

“deliberately trading” markets? (it’s like this)

Dear Trader,

I just got done talking to Bill Poulos over at Profits Run and
he was telling me what a great time he’s been having working
with his new “Cashflow Catalyst” students that joined up this

He says one of the biggest joys is to hear feedback from a new
student as they finally discover how to trade INDEPENDENTLY.

And one of the biggest steps to trading independently is
something he teaches you in The “Cashflow Catalyst” video.

What is it?

Well, it’s a technique Bill uses to identify what he calls:
“deliberately trading markets”.

This video shows you a profit-taking technique that’s the
complete opposite of how most people trade (and why they often

You can “eyeball” this technique in just seconds, and once you
“get it”, you’ll NEVER look at a chart the same way again.

Personally, I think trading this way is a breath of fresh air
for many traders, because it puts the odds squarely in your

-maybe for the first time EVER.

You can download his entire “Cashflow Catalyst” trading
method, along with the trading blueprint and 2 bonus trainings:
The Trade Position Worksheet AND the special Options Strategy
Tutorial that shows you how to supercharge what you learn with
the “Cashflow Catalyst”.

Get it instantly here…

Good Trading!

Questrade IQ Mobile: smart phone apps for Apple and Android now available

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Ahoy there! Alan here. It’s been a long time since I posted about my current stock broker (Questrade), but I just found out yesterday that they’ve just released their IQ Mobile trading platform. I thought I’d also let you all know as well. This is pretty neat! Once I get my new android (or iPhone 5 perhaps) phone I definitely plan to make use of it.

So now Canada’s cheapest stock broker has the full suite of trading platforms that the other major stock brokers already have. Job well done Questrade!

That does it for this brief news post.

Happy – stock – trading everyone!