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I’m trying out Linknami


Hi everyone. Hope you all are having success with all your various money making ventures!

As for me I’ve been more busy than usual with my Forex adventure to focus much on anything. But a few days ago I came across a advertising and ad publishing platform called “Linknami” (clever name I suppose) and I’ve decided to sign-up for it. So you may start seeing a few in text links from them popping up at random here on my blog, or you may not – it all depends on how well Linknami’s platform works for me. As such I intend to test it for a while and write a review of it later on with a ton more details than I intend to provide in this posting.

If you have website, blog or any other web presence and you’d like to give Linknami a try much like I am doing, I recommend you checkout their link here:


I’ll keep you all posted on whether Linknami is a good website monetization tool or not.


The Blue Book Top 20 Performance Marketing Networks and Exchanges

Hello fellow online marketers! I hope everything is going well for you. I’ve got some interesting online marketing related info to share with you. I came across a ranking of the top 20 performing marketing networks and exchanges and I though that you too would be interested in knowing this info. This ranking was done by mthink.com.  I am not all that familiar with this website but they seem legit to me. Their rankings surprised me a bit as I expected ClickBank – my current favorite – to be ranked higher, but I guess the know better? Either way this ranking is definitely useful for an online marketing newbie. Why? Well if you’ve got a product you wish to promote and want to tap into the power of affiliate marketing – ie having other people promote your product – a good place to start is with the top performing marketing network. This is also true for affiliates. If you’re thinking about getting into affiliate marketing no doubt a good place to start is with the top performing affiliate networks.

According to this ranking the top performing advertising network is ShareASale, and coming in a close second is Commission Junction. I am already a member of ShareASale, and I must say their backend is top notch, but I haven’t promoted many of the products they offer in their network so I do not know for sure whether they pay or any such details. I have had considerable success with ClickBank though, which is a bit different than the top marketing networks ranked below because they focus strictly on digital content, but in my humble opinion if you’re thinking of getting into affiliate marketing or wish to sell a digital product then ClickBank merits consideration.

Anyways, enough of my opinions, here are the top 20 performance marketing networks and exchanged. Enjoy!

1 ShareASale Brian Littleton’s stellar reputation has helped to propel ShareASale to the top with our readers at a time when reputation counts for everything.
2 Commission Junction The biggest fish in the affiliate marketing pond rises in the rankings. CJ has always been popular and when many networks have been struggling to survive, size and sophistication counts even more.
3 MediaTrust A top network with impeccable credentials, MediaTrust punches above its weight due to great service, rapid growth and well-respected leadership.
4 LinkShare LinkShare’s ownership by the Japanese company Rakuten shows itself in their dedicated networks for the UK, Cand and Japan, and their strong foreign language and currency capabilities.
5 Epic Advertising Recently announced merger with Connexus, owners of Traffic Marketplace, to create one of the world’s largest private digital media companies.
6 Neverblue A Canadian network that is strong in lead-gen worldwide. Popular with high-performing affiliates.
7 Google Affiliate Network Google’s affiliate network has come on strong with our readers over the last six months as publishers seek stability, scale and support.
8 ClickBank This venerable affiliate network that specializes in digital, downloadable products is now 10 years old and still going strong. Every publisher should have a ClickBank account.
9 Clickbooth Ranked #5 on the Inc. 500 list. Clickbooth has proven itself to publishers and advertisers over the last couple of years and is now regarded as one of the industry leaders. Focuses on exclusive offers.
10 oneNetworkDirect Digital River’s oneNetworkDirect is the leader in software sales with the industry’s best network technology and offices worldwide.
11 Hydra Hydra has recently refocused on only high-performance publishers in a move to attract big brand advertisers with a quality, fraud-free offering.
12 PepperJam Kris Jones has built Pepperjam into an online marketing powerhouse offering a wide range of interactive agency services.
13 NetMargin Datran Media’s NetMargin network has excellent technology, is very strong in email and attracts good publishers with quality offers.
14 AffiliateWindow / buy.at Affiliate Windows’ parent company has recently acquired buy.at from AOL creating the biggest affiliate network in Britain.
15 CX Digital Media A two-tier network that claims to reach more unique visitors than any other US online advertising network. Like many, has recently tightened publisher application criteria.
16 MediaWhiz 30,000 publishers, 3,000 advertisers, and a claimed $100 million in publisher payments in 2007. Media Whiz is strong in email and lead-gen.
17 MaxBounty A smaller network that gets a lot of play with bigger affiliates and offers advertisers a cost-effective CPA solution.
18 Advertising.com Claim to monetize almost 2 billion impressions a day from a network that includes over 70 out of comScore’s Top 100 ad supported sites.
19 RevenueStreet A division of TheMediaCrew, RevenueStreet carries 250+ offers, lots of support and good technology.
20 Motive Interactive Motive is a premium CPA network with a well-respected, proprietary lead-gen platform that offers great tracking.