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I am having conflicting feelings about AdBux: SCAM or NOT?

Hi everyone. I’m starting to have conflicting feelings about AdBux. Someone posted a comment on my blog with a link to this website: http://www.adbuxscam.com/

At the time that I signed up for AdBux and did research on it I did not come across any info that lead me to believe that it was a scam. The thing is, after I signed up I basically stopped researching it and tried to click my way to payout to see if they really pay or not. Now that I’ve come across the info provide at the above website, I am not really sure what to believe any more. If the analysis on the above website is correct, then AdBux is a ponzi scam. I must admit that I suspected something was fishy once they started to offer “paid referrals”.

Well, I’d like to get some more opinions. What do you people think? AdBux, SCAM or NOT?

**note until I know for sure whether AdBux is a scam or not, I will remove my affiliate links, as I don’t want to be promoting a pozi scam (in fact, I absolutely abhor, detest, and hate ponzi scams and the people who run them)**

Review: Red Hot Silver (invest in silver bullion)



Hello folks. While browsing around I came across what looks to me like a promising investment opportunity for those that are interested in precious metals. This program is called Red Hot Silver, and I believe it is managed by the same folks who manage EasyBullion (online bullion retailer).

I must admit I’m new to this program as I’ve just joined it today, so I thought I’d let you folks know about it in the hope that it might meet your investment criteria. Being a big fan of precious metals, I like the program and think it would be a great opportunity to earn a generous return with no work on your part.

Ok, here is how the program works:

You purchase real silver and leave it in trust with RedHotSilver. They issue a silver certificate with a set return price depending upon the plan you choose. Once you have allocated and received your certificate they will get to work developing the profits of the silver bars they purchase on your behalf.

They do this by:

Global Online Buyers Retail/Wholesale
Ebay Buyers
Home Investors
Business Investors
Retail Outlets Offline

Once the investment term is over you can choose to cash out your investment either in fiat money (bank wire, paypal etc) or in silver bullion bars (I like this one :) best).

Here is some FAQs:


Will I get my principal back?
Yes. Your principal is included in your re-purchase amount which is payable at the end of your purchase plan term.

Does My Interest Show Online?
NO. We do not pay weekly or daily interest etc. When you make a purchase your order is shown on your account, including your re-purchase amount. This information is also shown on your purchase certificate.

So I get a Product?
Yes. When you purchase you get a Silver Certificate and depending on the amount of your purchase actual Silver bars as well.

What Deposit Methods Do You Accept?
We currently accept:
Bank Wire
Credit Cards
Debit Cards

Can I Have Multiple Accounts With Red Hot Silver?
NO. Only One account per person is allowed.

What is The Minimum Purchase Amount?
Our Silver purchase plans start for as little as $25.

What is the Maximum Purchase Amount?
$20000 is currently our maximum for any one person, however if you would like to make a purchase larger than this amount, contact admin for further details.

What about Paying Taxes?
Each individual is responsible for paying all relevant taxes in their country of origin.

Must I be certain age to participate in red hot Silver Program?
Yes, you must be at least 18 years old or at legal age at your country.

Why do you collect my data (Address, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number)?
We do collect data so that we could identify he true owner of the account if any security problems aries.

Can I make multiple plan purchases?
Yes, mutiple plan purchases are welcome, we advice that you should use long term buying multiple cerificates as you can afford as this is secure and long term.

There are four investment plans, and here they are:

Original Investment Strategy:

– 200% guaranteed return
– 14 month re-purchase period (that means the investment term ends in 14 months)

Conservative Investment Strategy:

– 300% guaranteed return
– 24 month re-purchase period (2 years)

Balanced Investment Strategy:

– 400% guaranteed return
– 36 month re-purchase period (3 years)

Aggressive Investment Strategy:

– 500% guaranteed return ! insanely great but it read below
– 48 month re-purchase period (4 years)


Review: ForexCurrencyClub – Grid trading forex signal provider

Greetings. Today I am going to review a FOREX trading signal provider called ForexCurrencyClub. I have been using this service for a few months now and it has brought me great results. The service is provider by a friend of mine who happens to be a very good forex trader. His “grid trading” strategy gives excellent results.

Note, this is not every everyone, only those who have at least some basic knowledge about forex trading should apply for this service; yes, it’s not free – nothing this good ever will be free!

Just to wet your appetite here are the trading results:

pips percent

Sep +2075 +83.0%
Oct +2145 +85.8%
Nov +1617 +64.7%
Dec +209 +8.4%

TOTAL +6046


Jan +746 +29.8%
Feb -1250 -50.0%
Mar +492 +19.7%
Apr +606 +24.2%
May +1189 +47.6%

So long as you maintain continuous membership, our introductory fee structure is:

1st month: $79 subscription plus $49 one-time fee for software
2nd month: $79 subscription
3rd month: $129 subscription
4th month and after: $179 per month subscription — REGULAR PRICE*

If you subscribe, then withdraw, and wish to resubscribe, your rate upon re-subscribing will be the REGULAR PRICE, currently $179 per month.

I am quite pleased with the pricing structure. It is very affordable given the results that our grid trading system produces.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: Upon receipt of your new subscription and payment of fees, we will email you a confirmation, along with the current version of grid trading software you will need to trade our grid signals. Included are instructions for how to install the software and use it with our signals. This software will be yours to keep should you decide not to renew your membership the following month. It can be used for trading grids whether you use our signals or not, or for trading your modified versions of our signals should you so choose. There are absolutely no refunds for membership or software fees under any circumstances.

We encourage you to practice setting up and running a grid on a demo account, before going to real money. To that end, we will be sending signals right away, and will make the official start of your 1st month’s subscription 1 week after the date on which we send you the software. Thereafter, that day of the month will be your renewal day for continuing membership.

We suggest that you open a brokerage account BEFORE you subscribe, though this is not necessary. Brokerages will permit you to open a demo account very quickly (often the same day) with which to practice, and you can always do that as preparation for receiving the software and our signals. Be aware that opening a live trading account can take a week or longer, depending upon the manner in which you transfer your funds to the brokerage.

NOTE:When you subscribe, Please select the type of software you need.

UGMFX.com 4.0, interbankFx or FXDD 4.0, or interbankFx or FXDD 3.8. Thank you!


1. How do I subscribe?
– Go to the Disclaimer page, read it carefully, then click the link at the bottom of the page.

Do you offer a free trial period?
– No. We offer introductory rates for your first few months, however, and we encourage you to take advantage of these rates while they last.

What are the different ways to pay for subscriptions?
– Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or PayPal.

When do subscriptions actually start?
– Your subscription will start on the date we email your confirmation and software, and begin sending you signals. Please note that your first renewal date will be 5 weeks after this — so you receive about one week extra in your first month.

Do subscriptions automatically renew?
– Yes. Your first renewal date will be 5 weeks from the date on which we email your confirmation. Thereafter, it will be on the same day of the month as the first renewal date.

Exactly what will I receive when I subscribe?
– When we have received your information and payment, we will send you a confirmation email, the trading software, and User Guide. The User Guide will explain how to install and use the software, and how to read and understand the signal emails that will follow as soon as the next one is generated.

How do I cancel a subscription?
– Send us an email at least 3 business days BEFORE your renewal date.

Can I receive a refund if I cancel my subscription before the renewal date?
– There are absolutely no refunds for any reason for partial months or early cancellation.

Here is how you can subscribe to this service:

step 1: e-mail me at allinvain6 at gmail.com and I will send you a special code
step 2: with the code you will receive a direct link to the subscription page
step 3: once you’re subscribed and you’ve paid for the service you need to send an e-mail to the administrator of this service telling him that I’ve sent you and mention the special code that I will be sending to you.

Here is the e-mail: info at forexcurrencyclub.com

step 4: follow the grid instructions (received by e-mail) and sit back and watch your account grow :)

—–UPDATE JULY 11, 2007——–