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Hello my dear reader. Today I am going to introduce you to an exclusive investment opportunity. You probably don’t know this, but I am not just a blogger or forex trader. I also happen to be a heavy investor in real estate. In this brief post I am going to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity join me in a private and lucrative real estate investment opportunity. Understandably some of you are weary of hearing about investments – especially from online sources. I’m just going to tell you that whatever you think this is, it is not. This is no HYIP (high yield invesment program – aka “ponzi scheme”), or any of that junk – more on this below.

Before I go any further I want you all to know that this offer is not going to last long. I am going to keep this post up for about a week, and after that I WILL DELETE IT PERMANENTLY.

Ok, so let me get down to business. Like the title says this investment opportunity has to do with property development. What we do is buy land and develop it for residential or long term residual income use (currently we are focused more on short term residential building lots). We focus on only WATERFRONT property. This is because it is more valuable of course and that means greater profit for us.

At the moment all our properties are located in CANADA in the province of New Brunswick. This is our base of operations.

The reason I am bringing this opportunity to you folks is because:

a) I think you guys deserve a chance to get in on something real and genuine where you can actually visit and see the properties your moneys are going into.

b) We are currently in the process of working on a waterfront  property and we need some extra funds to complete it. We use private investment capital only! We do NOT borrow from banks or any other financial institutions! Hence when we need extra funds we go directly to you, the private investor.

If you’re still wondering why I’m even telling you about this in the first place. Well the answer is that the quicker the projects are funded the faster I can make money by getting the project underway and ready for sale (and of course the same goes for the other members). There are NO referral fees in our program and there never will be. I am not sharing this opportunity with you purely to earn a commission.

Having gotten that out of the way, I should mention that this will be the LAST time we will allow new members in our group. After this current project closes we will be self-sufficient and thus there will be no need for fresh capital.

I personally look very much forward to the day when our latest project is fully funded as it means we won’t have to take the risk of bringing in new people. You see, inviting new members is a risk for us because we don’t know how serious some people are or if they are in it for the long term like our established member base.

Having said that, I want it to be made perfectly clear that we DO NOT want people with the commonly found HYIP or get rich quick mentality. Those people are not welcome. They are better off wasting their money on their risky games – in the end they all reap what they sow. What we do takes time and patience, and thus it demands of you to think for the long term. Some project may sell out in 4-6 months, but some may take a year, maybe two. Did I scare some of you? Good! Consider that statement the acid test or a test of investor fortitude.

Ok, so let’s move on and discuss potential returns. We typically shoot for returns in the range of 150-250% (or more – depends on the project of course). The lowest return we’ve been able to grab was around the 160% mark so we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. Bear in mind that there is no guarantee as to how fast our properties will sell! What we strive to achieve is to DOUBLE our money with every project we close.

Those of you who wish to express interest please send me an e-mail to:

Please make sure you specify clearly in the subject line “private property development program” for the sake of expediency.

Those that express interest will receive from me a link to our “invitation” page where they will be required to pay a $5 (CDN) information package and registration fee (this is done to discourage “tire kickers” and other such non serious individuals). From there on you will be granted access to our conference room software which we use to meet on a regular basis. You will be required to attend one of our meetings and go through an orientation. We want to make sure you know exactly what we’re about! We will answer all your detailed questions during the orientation.

I will be there as well.

Ok, that about does it for this post. To those of you who decide to join, I look forward to chatting with you and seeing you become a member of our group.


*UPDATE – See this post for further details such as minimum investment, etc*

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