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Hello everybody. I’ve got some further details regarding the real estate development investment opportunity I introduced in this post. Some people have e-mailed me saying that my post was rather vague. I don’t think it was vague really, but I guess it won’t hurt to provide you guys with more details up front.

To those of you unfamiliar with property development I am going to explain in some detail how we do this. The first step in the process is to find a viable piece of raw land to purchase. We search far and wide and come across TONS of properties. However, not all are suited for our particular needs. As I mentioned in my previous post we focus strictly on waterfront property; river, lake, or oceanfront. Once we have found a property that catches our eye we decide upon a possible use for it. At the moment we are residential building lots (ie house building lots).

The next step is to actually do the necessary work to make this property suitable for housing construction. We build roads, run power lines, setup septic systems, etc – basically everything necessary to get each lot ready so someone can buy it and build a home on it. Pretty simple stuff, eh? Well, it’s not so simple. It takes a lot of work, but the good part is that we as investors do not have to lift one finger. Our head project development officer along with his crew of professionals do all the work.

This is a totally PASSIVE investment opportunity. Your job as an investor is merely to provide the capital necessary to complete the projects.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum amount is only $525 (this includes the admin fees). All subsequent investments must come at a minimum of $500. The reason we allow investors to start with such a small amount is to give the little guy a chance. Our group was started with idea in mind to take advantage of the power of group investing to make it affordable for regular people like us (i.e not ridiculously rich) to get in on the lucrative property development market. As such we try to continue to stay true to our original roots. As far as the maximum amount you can invest – there is none.

Are there any restrictions on who can invest?

No. Anyone from any country in the world can become a member of our investment group. The only restriction is that you must be of legal age (over 18) and you must NOT invest using borrowed funds.

Will you provide proof of corporate registration and other such legal details?

Yes, once you become a member you will have access to our private members only website where you can obtain proof of incorporation details, the name and contact information of our project development officer, and other such due diligence information. We have nothing to hide and we strive to run an operation that is as transparent as possible.

Can I invite a friend or family member?

Yes, you may, but only after you have completed the new member orientation and have purchased a stake in our group. Also we ask that you tell your friend/family member to get in touch with a member of our board of directors. This ensures that the person you invite is provided with as accurate and as detailed information as possible.

I believe this pretty much covers all the items I’ve been receiving questions about. If there is anything specific you’d like to know please feel free to e-mail me.

If you wish to get in a solid long term investment opportunity I would strongly suggest you act now. Give me a shout at the following e-mail address and I will send you the invitation link necessary to get started. As I mentioned in my previous post there is a $5 account setup and information package fee and there are no referral fees earned by me for inviting you.

Here is the e-mail address:

*Please remember to check your spam folder just in case for some reason my reply to you end up there. And conversely if your request to join ends up in my spam box (which it shouldn’t but you never know) please accept my apologies for the late reply – I will get to it eventually*

I hope I’ve answered any possible questions you may have regarding this investment opportunity.

Take care!


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