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Stop Getting Scammed Online – Get Involved In A Real Offline Business!

Is The Following Lifestyle… Possible?

Not If you keep participating in online scams that promise
you the world and an unrealistic ROI %

If you are fed up with getting ripped off and would like to join
a Real, Offline, Long Term, Legally Registered, Land Development
that could provide the means for such a lifestyle, read on….

Would You Prefer To Be Involved In A Real Offline Business?

Where you:

Earn by doing absolutely nothing.
Don’t need to promote.
Have no down-lines to build.
No matrix to fill.
Don’t need a website.
Know who has your money.
Know where they are located.
Can easily contact them by multiple means.
Can visit the business projects in person.
Know how profits are being generated.

What Is This?

This Is not MLM, Gifting, or anything to do with the Internet.

You do NOT have to promote this program to make money.  Your earnings do NOT depend on multitudes of people joining after you.

As a matter of fact, the hardest decision you will need to make is: Who Will You Want To Tell About This Program?  We purposely control the number of people involved so we can guarantee everybody makes money.

You have reached this page at the invitation of one of our current members.

This may be your only opportunity to take advantage of this program.   We rarely promote for new members, except in cases where an exceptional project is in the works.   You may have heard of this organization before, but probably not.

This is a very rare invitation for you to join an exclusive group of individuals who have banded together to create a very profitable business organization.

We have no referral program. If you were referred to this page by an existing member, they will NOT gain financially by you joining.

Who Are We?

We are internet marketers and business professionals who formed their own ‘co-operative’ for the purpose of creating a venture capital pool with the express goal of helping each other create an income.

Be assured that this has NOTHING to do with Internet Marketing.

This very unique partnership program has allowed a small band of entrepreneurs to create a very lucrative development fund from which you can profit.

No member who has participated in this program has ever lost money.  EVER !   I bet any of your existing programs can’t say the same.

You are invited to partner with us today and participate in our future growth.

Please Note: Our membership has been private for well over a year. We are briefly opening up to new members again for a limited time. When our quota is filled, this invitation will be closed once again.

If you interested in joining our group please give me (Alan – one of the members) a shout at the following e-mail address:

opportunity [at]

Private Highly Profitable Canadian Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Don’t be shocked when you make money !

I have never seen an easier way to make money. If you have the attitude of a serious investor and not the mentality of a hyip player, then this is where you want to be.

I wish I could talk to you about this in person. How do I cut through all the Internet hype and junk and get you to consider this? I don’t know, but all I can do is be honest with you and hope, for your sake, that you will take a look.

I don’t know how to say this, because it sounds too good to be true, but I haven’t done ANY work with this program. Now, I am just sending out some ads to help the program since it has been so good to me and because I want to share this with as many people as I can.


* don’t need to promote
* have no down-lines to build
* No matrix to fill
* don’t need a website

Really, all you have to do is sit back and collect the money. Please take a look at this. You won’t regret it.

Send me an e-mail at if you’re interested.

Come and talk to us before you even think about sending any money.

This is a private group and there are not many chances to join. You have one now. Please take advantage of it. You will be happy you did. ***There is a minimum participation requirement of $525***

The perfect NO WORK money maker

NO Promoting, NO downline building, NOT MLM, NO products to buy and NOTHING to sell

This is a very RARE INVITATION for you to join an EXCLUSIVE Group of individuals
who have banded together to create a very profitable business organization.

A very small number of individuals will be accepted before this opportunity disappears.

We purposely control the number of associates involved so we can guarantee everybody makes
lots of money.

If you have ever wanted to be involved in a business that can create HUGE RETURNS on your
investments this is your chance.

The only difference is, You don’t have to be a millionaire to get involved.

To get in on this once in a life time opportunity send me an e-mail at:

Property Development Investment Opportunity Open Again!

Hello dear readers. A while back I introduced you all to a private property development investment opportunity that I am involved in. Back then we were looking for new members in order to fund a new development we were working on and eventually we gathered all the additional capital we needed. Shortly thereafter we closed to new investors. This was back in April of this year.

Now in the meantime things have moved on and we find ourselves yet again in a situation where we need a few more members to put together some new lucrative property development projects.

So what I am saying in a rather roundabout way is that we are once again opening our doors to new investors!

If you’re a serious investor this an opportunity you would not want to miss.

I am introducing this opportunity to you with great reluctance because frankly I and the majority of existing investors want to keep this to ourselves. However we find ourselves in the situation where if we wish to work on any project in the coming year we need a small infusion of additional capital.  We wish this wasn’t the case but consider this your lucky chance to get in on the “rich man’s” game of property development.

Did You Know 20% of the Forbes TOP 400 millionaires list real estate development and investments as their primary source of wealth? That should tell you something!

Now let me tell you a few details about what we’ve got going on property wise and where your money will be put to work:

The first project involves the purchase and development of a gorgeous waterfront property. What we have in mind is to develop and sell cottage lots – essentially recreational lots. The property lends itself beautifully to this use as it’s located right on the shore of a large river and offers a magnificent view.

Expected return on this project is around the 200% mark (including principal)

The second project is a waterfront RV Park business. I bet you’re wondering what’s with us and waterfront properties. Well you see this is the kind of development we do – we work only with waterfront property because it is more valuable and that means more profits for us, and you of course – should you choose to join us.This project is barely started and we already have 16 RV spots already sold.

Expected net return is above 30% per year.

The third project is also a waterfront RV Park – we sure love these RV parks!This one is very close the the previous one – they’re just down the road from each other. It is smaller then the previous one but the return should be the same.

Now before I tell you how you can join I want you to read the two previous posts I made when I first made this opportunity available to the public. These posts contain some further details that I want you to know before even considering joining us.

Go here for the original introduction to this opportunity:

Also please see the subsequent post I made with further details:

*Don’t skip either one as they’re equally important*

Now, let’s move on to another very important detail. To become a full member and start making money, you will be required to make a minimum unit purchase of  $525 (Canadian Dollars)

We tell you this up front because we want you to know we are serious and we don’t want to waste your time and ours if you are not.

All interested parties please e-mail me at the following address:

Make sure you mention “Private Real Estate Investment Opportunity” in the subject line or something similar so I know what you’re e-mailing me about – don’t just send me a blank e-mail!!

Wishing you all the best!


Lucrative Real Estate Investment Opportunity Ends April 10!

I have some very important news regarding the property development investment opportunity I discussed over HERE and HERE.

We decided to cut off our membership on April 10 or until 500 more units are sold ($100 = 1 unit).

As I mentioned in my other posts the property new members would have invested in was an oceanfront property. This property is NOW A NO GO! The costs of development would have been over 1 Million and this would have reduced returns too much.  Also – and this was the PRIME factor – test wells discovered major water problems (too high a concentration of unwanted elements such as lead, uranium, and arsenic.)  Clearly we do not want to develop this property.

However, we have an even better property as a backup! This one is a lakefront property. What has me excited about this backup property is that the potential returns on this one will me MUCH higher.

We estimate our ROI on this backup property to be up to 500% (min 200%) 

The reason for this spectacular return is that the property already has some of the key requirements ALREADY on it – such as power lines, municipal standard road, etc.  Thus our up-front development costs will be SUBSTANTIALLY lower.

Thus we now have sufficient funds to continue without new members. We don’t want to dilute this program any more than necessary.

Even though this opportunity ends April 10, I am moving on so I will no longer keep this post on the front page of my blog – I’m moving on!

Thus I recommend you take advantage of this LAST invitation now as this is your last chance.

All interested parties please e-mail me at the following address:

Make sure you mention “Private Real Estate Investment Opportunity” in the subject line or something similar so I know what you’re e-mailing me about – don’t just send me a blank e-mail!!

Wishing you all the best!


Real Estate Investment Opportunity Details

Hello everybody. I’ve got some further details regarding the real estate development investment opportunity I introduced in this post. Some people have e-mailed me saying that my post was rather vague. I don’t think it was vague really, but I guess it won’t hurt to provide you guys with more details up front.

To those of you unfamiliar with property development I am going to explain in some detail how we do this. The first step in the process is to find a viable piece of raw land to purchase. We search far and wide and come across TONS of properties. However, not all are suited for our particular needs. As I mentioned in my previous post we focus strictly on waterfront property; river, lake, or oceanfront. Once we have found a property that catches our eye we decide upon a possible use for it. At the moment we are residential building lots (ie house building lots).

The next step is to actually do the necessary work to make this property suitable for housing construction. We build roads, run power lines, setup septic systems, etc – basically everything necessary to get each lot ready so someone can buy it and build a home on it. Pretty simple stuff, eh? Well, it’s not so simple. It takes a lot of work, but the good part is that we as investors do not have to lift one finger. Our head project development officer along with his crew of professionals do all the work.

This is a totally PASSIVE investment opportunity. Your job as an investor is merely to provide the capital necessary to complete the projects.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum amount is only $525 (this includes the admin fees). All subsequent investments must come at a minimum of $500. The reason we allow investors to start with such a small amount is to give the little guy a chance. Our group was started with idea in mind to take advantage of the power of group investing to make it affordable for regular people like us (i.e not ridiculously rich) to get in on the lucrative property development market. As such we try to continue to stay true to our original roots. As far as the maximum amount you can invest – there is none.

Are there any restrictions on who can invest?

No. Anyone from any country in the world can become a member of our investment group. The only restriction is that you must be of legal age (over 18) and you must NOT invest using borrowed funds.

Will you provide proof of corporate registration and other such legal details?

Yes, once you become a member you will have access to our private members only website where you can obtain proof of incorporation details, the name and contact information of our project development officer, and other such due diligence information. We have nothing to hide and we strive to run an operation that is as transparent as possible.

Can I invite a friend or family member?

Yes, you may, but only after you have completed the new member orientation and have purchased a stake in our group. Also we ask that you tell your friend/family member to get in touch with a member of our board of directors. This ensures that the person you invite is provided with as accurate and as detailed information as possible.

I believe this pretty much covers all the items I’ve been receiving questions about. If there is anything specific you’d like to know please feel free to e-mail me.

If you wish to get in a solid long term investment opportunity I would strongly suggest you act now. Give me a shout at the following e-mail address and I will send you the invitation link necessary to get started. As I mentioned in my previous post there is a $5 account setup and information package fee and there are no referral fees earned by me for inviting you.

Here is the e-mail address:

*Please remember to check your spam folder just in case for some reason my reply to you end up there. And conversely if your request to join ends up in my spam box (which it shouldn’t but you never know) please accept my apologies for the late reply – I will get to it eventually*

I hope I’ve answered any possible questions you may have regarding this investment opportunity.

Take care!