Lucrative Real Estate Investment Opportunity Ends April 10!

I have some very important news regarding the property development investment opportunity I discussed over HERE and HERE.

We decided to cut off our membership on April 10 or until 500 more units are sold ($100 = 1 unit).

As I mentioned in my other posts the property new members would have invested in was an oceanfront property. This property is NOW A NO GO! The costs of development would have been over 1 Million and this would have reduced returns too much.  Also – and this was the PRIME factor – test wells discovered major water problems (too high a concentration of unwanted elements such as lead, uranium, and arsenic.)  Clearly we do not want to develop this property.

However, we have an even better property as a backup! This one is a lakefront property. What has me excited about this backup property is that the potential returns on this one will me MUCH higher.

We estimate our ROI on this backup property to be up to 500% (min 200%) 

The reason for this spectacular return is that the property already has some of the key requirements ALREADY on it – such as power lines, municipal standard road, etc.  Thus our up-front development costs will be SUBSTANTIALLY lower.

Thus we now have sufficient funds to continue without new members. We don’t want to dilute this program any more than necessary.

Even though this opportunity ends April 10, I am moving on so I will no longer keep this post on the front page of my blog – I’m moving on!

Thus I recommend you take advantage of this LAST invitation now as this is your last chance.

All interested parties please e-mail me at the following address:

Make sure you mention “Private Real Estate Investment Opportunity” in the subject line or something similar so I know what you’re e-mailing me about – don’t just send me a blank e-mail!!

Wishing you all the best!


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