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ForexGen – 3 Confirmed Scam Cases Against This Broker

scam warning

Check out this interesting post I’ve found on the ForexPeaceArmy forum:

–begin quote–

Greetings to our fellow soldiers,

We, the members of the FPA Scam Investigations Committee, have confirmed a 3rd scam case against ForexGen. Once again, they have stolen money from a trader. This time, they claim there were hostile activities that justified them extracting 100% of all of his profits from his account, but repeatedly refused to provide any evidence of these activities to the trader. They also claimed the account was inactive, but ignored proof provided by the trader that showed the account was active.

Lt. Ken, who is is one of our investigators, tried to contact ForexGen to see if there was a way to resolve this issue. The result was that his name and email signature were posted in another forum by a person attempting to discredit the FPA. Later, an anti-FPA propaganda blog faked a date on an entry claiming to have had Lt. Ken’s name associated with the FPA in February of 2007. The Scam Investigations Committee did not exist then. The FPA was called ForexBastards at that time and consisted solely of reviews. Back then, there was no forum and no investigations other than those that Felix and Rob personally did. Lt. Ken only began working for the FPA in late February of 2008. It is obvious to us that ForexGen is actively coordinating an effort to discredit the FPA in order to try to draw attention away from their repeated theft of funds from traders and support of other unethical activities online.

The first case against ForexGen was when they stole over $160,000 from Rashid as well as various sums from other traders. The second case was when our member Pharaoh proved that one or more ForexGen IBs were posting false conversations in many forex forums to advertise ForexGen as well as spamming ads in many non-financial forums. ForexGen failed to lift a finger to stop any of this, and even provided the text of a complaint made by a forum owner to their spammers. The third case is the flagrant theft of all profits from our member Adam.

We have blacklisted ForexGen for both the thefts from traders as well as their support of other unethical activities online. If you have any money with them, stop trading the account and try to withdraw it immediately. We also strongly encourage anyone who has lost any amount of money to these scammers to contact Okokrim. This is The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime. Their website is…

There is an “Information in English” button on top of the page.

Okokrim can also be reached by email at

We have heard that the Norwegian police are building a case to finally put an end to these scammers. Any solid evidence of more thefts by ForexGen that you can provide to them will be helpful.

Our conclusions for each case are here…

ForexGen (Case 1)

ForexGen (Case 2)

ForexGen (Case 3)

Join your fellow soldiers and help protect the world of forex from scammers like these. Warn your fellow traders not to do business with ForexGen. Do your part and help us to end ForexGen’s scams

We hope you get many pips and don’t lose a single one to scammers,
FPA Scam Investigations Committee

–end quote–

e-gold scam warning

scam warning

ATTENTION! If you get this e-mail DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS. Damn thieves how I hate them with a passion. Anyways here is the e-mail:

** Your e-gold Account Blocked from Incoming Spends. **

Items updated: Blocked from Incoming Spends
Time of update: 2/9/2008 5:30:32 AM GMT

A Block has been applied to your e-gold Account.
No payment can be made to this account while a block is in place.
If you have any questions regarding this block, please direct them
to your intended counterparty rather than to

To remove Block from your e-gold Account, you must verify your ID
by clicking this link: (mangled by me on purpose)

This automatic email notice lets you know that modifications have been
made to the Account Information settings for your e-gold account. The
current settings for your account can be viewed at the e-gold website by
choosing the Account Info menu selection while accessing your account.

Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.

As always please remember to check each and EVERY link that has to do with e-gold or any other e-currency that offers irreversible payments.

Global Pension Plan is a scam, period!

Some of you probably have head about GPP (global pension plan), the new fangled pyramid scheme “reverse pension plan” promising you 55,000 EUR with a membership fee of only 35 EUR. Check out this article for more details.

Also think about this:

Let’s say that 95% of the 100,000 members do live to be 65. That means that 95,000 policies will receive $200,000 or about $19 billion. Let’s assume the average time to payback the mortgage is 35 years, and that the interest rate is a low 7.5%. A $12 billion loan on those terms would mean a required payback of $150 billion, far far more than $19 billion.

It all sounds pretty plausible until you run the real numbers. The only way this would work is if the bank giving out the asset backed loan expects a 1.2% return on their money. That isn’t happening. No insurer or bank would back this absurd program.

Moneybookers scam baiting warning

Just a quick heads up to all of you who use Moneybookers. If you receive the following e-mail, DO NOT click on it, I repeat, DO NOT click on it. It is another scam baiting attempt by some lowlife piece of garbage of a human being who is trying to completely clean out your Moneybookers account. I’ve mangled the offending links but you should still be able to recognize the e-mail.

Money Received  
Dear Moneybookers customer,Greetings from! We would like to inform you that you have received a payment from
Payment Details  
Amount: EUR 359.56
ID: 49573824
Subject: You must use the link below to accept the payment.
Note:… (mangled by me)
Your money is waiting for you : hope you enjoy your cash.

Also I would really appreciate it if you folks would post some other scam warnings or phising attempts on this blog’s forum over here:

Scam targeting paid to click sites

If you get an e-mail with the following text seen below, STAY AWAY FROM IT, DO NOT INSTALL THAT AUTOPAY.EXE CRAP!

It seems members of PTC sites are being targeted. There is some mention on the PTC forums about this latest scam. Most likely this program is some sort of keylogger or trojan virus so DO NOT download it no matter from what website it “appears” to be coming from (e-mail headers can be faked easily).

If you’d like to contribute information about this scam, you can do so over here:

Here is a copy of the e-mail that you should immediately delete (some details may vary):

You have been offered to install a program for automatic withdraw of
the funds you’ve earned to your payment account.

Please follow this link to download our program:

dehttpxx:// screwed up on purpose by me)

In case you face some problems, please let us know immediately.

Our support team has prepared special software to recover your earned
money and return it your to your payment account.

Software requirements:

1) Browser: Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7 (

2) OS: Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT

Please follow these easy steps to recover your deposit:

1) Download and run our special program

The program runs in background mode, so you would not see any windows.

2) Log in to your payment account.

The money transfer would take some time depending on your Internet
connection. Please stay logged on your account page for 1-2 minutes.

P.S. Our program compiles on-the-fly for each customer separately