Power-Forex: Update Regarding New Platinum Managed Forex Account


UPDATE: IPAM Platinum is now ready to receive clients. See this post for details.

Hi everyone. This is an update related to the post you see below this one. I somehow managed to convince the CE of IPAM (Income Plus Asset Management Inc.) to allow smaller investors into the new managed account offering detailed over here (see this post). Not everyone has $150,000 spare cash lying around so IPAM is now accepting potential clients in the range of $5K and up. I think $5 is a reasonable sum which should make this exciting opportunity available to the majority of people.

From my conversations with IPAM’s CEO I’ve recently learned that this $5K minimum is applicable only until the initial trading capital goal of $1 Million is reached. After that the minimum will be lower apparently. I originally thought this would not be so, but here is what Mr. Fischbach has to say:

Once the $1MM is raised and this program goes “live” the minimums will be just like the other programs………$1,000 at FXCM due to their ability to use a very sophisticated PAMM account manager………….and either $10,000 or $20,000 at IFX due to their LAMM account manager which requires slightly different parameters to manage……….

This is excellent news! The low minimum will bring this managed forex account within the reach of nearly all investors.

All interested parties please get in touch with me and I will point you in the right direction.

Use this public e-mail address to reach me.

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