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UPDATE: IPAM Platinum is now ready to accept clients. See this post for details.

Hello dear blog readers. I hope you’re all doing okay. As you may or may not know I am somewhat heavily involved with testing various forex products and just about any money making opportunity I can find. I especially like forex trading and managed forex accounts. Thus I made it my business to make sure I’m “in the know” regarding the latest happenings in this arena. During the time that I’ve been involved testing various managed forex accounts I’ve built friendly relationships with key people behind quite a few of these managed forex account providers. One such provider is a company called IPAM (Income Plus Asset Management Inc.)

It’s CEO, Mr. William Fischbach, has been very kind to let me in on an “early bird” managed forex account opportunity that he’s working on. I told him that I will do my best to “spread the word” so please permit me to take a brief moment of your time to tell you a bit more about it.

Mr. Fischbach has been fortunate enough contract out a very successful trading team to do the actual trading for this new managed account. These guys trade multiple millions of dollars for Hedge Funds and Institutions as well as HNWI’s (high net worth individuals).

Summary of one client’s Performance Report:

Start: $781,580.00

Gross Profit: $512,805.79

25% Profit Share: -$128,201.44

Net Profit: $384.604.35

Net Profit as a %: +49.21%

Max Drawdown (peak to valley): less than -10% (a LOT less)

They (the traders) use very light leverage, since risk management is HUGE for them. As you can see from the attached performance record they achieved very consistent results – unlike some of my other managed forex accounts.

Here is their performance record going back 3 years:


You can also view the complete trading record for the year 2007 by clicking on the pdf icon below:


The brokerage firm the traders used was ACM but this new managed forex account will be traded at FXCM. For now the new managed account has no official website you can see as it is still in the developmental stage.

The minimum suggested opening account size is $5,000 or more.

Note that this low introductory minimum will not last for long. This account will be geared towards large investors and in general institutional invests and high net worth individuals so the minimum will most likely go up to something way above $5,000.

Proposed performance fee will be 25%.

All interested parties please contact me at this e-mail address

For now I will be building a database for Mr. Fischbach and once we have a sufficient number of clients with enough funds trading will officially commence. So if this interests you please send me an e-mail expressing your interest along with the following info:

a) Your name

b) A contact phone number in case we can’t reach you via e-mail

c) The sum of funds you are willing to invest

Also I will soon be receiving a complete accounting report from these traders (essentially an audit) and I will share that info with you all as soon as I get it.

P.S. Feel free to share this opportunity with as many people as you’d like. The more people we can get the quicker we can put the traders to work and that means we can all start making money that much sooner.

UPDATE: The minimum opening account size has been lowered to give more people the chance to get in on this opportunity. See this post for more details.

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