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Your websites are ugly – here’s how to fix them

Hi fellow online marketer!

It’s not just enough to build a site that’s loaded with great content (although that certainly does help!). If you want to make a truly profitable website, then you need to make sure it looks good.

However, building a beautiful site isn’t the easiest task in the world. Back in the day it used to be far more difficult, requiring extensive coding knowledge and a real eye for design.

Discover the one tool you need to build an awesome (and profitable) website here:

Then WordPress came along and totally altered the game. With its ‘plug n’ play’ themes anybody could create a great looking site with a few mouse clicks.

Sounds fantastic, right?

The biggest problem is that heaps of WordPress themes are actually damn ugly. What’s worse, they often don’t feature much in terms of search engine optimization or monetization benefits.

Super affiliate Mark Ling, the famous name behind the Affilorama brand, has just released AffiloTheme. This amazing premium WordPress theme is something different.

Here’s why:

  • You get 6 awesome themes in one
  • Everything is fully customizable (including colors, fonts, and layouts)
  • You can wow your visitors with the built-in header creator tool that makes your site look a million bucks
  • You’ll make more sales of your affiliate products with the built in affiliate link cloaking tool
  • Your list subscriber numbers will go through the roof, with opt-in forms and squeeze pages that are designed to convert
  • Everything is fully optimized for great SEO and higher search rankings
  • You also get full, personalized customer support

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All in all, AffiloTheme kicks some serious ass. Sure, those plain WordPress themes might work – but AffiloTheme is just so much better that you’d be crazy not to try it.

With Mark’s stellar 60 day money-back guarantee, free customer support, and full updates for life, you have nothing to lose – and a whole load more traffic, opt-ins, and money to make.

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Started using Text Link Ads (TLA) again

Greetings money makers.

Well, it’s been quite some time since I  blogged about Text Link Ads, but just a few days ago I decided to resubmit one of my sites to their system for approval and surely the site got approved. I used to have this blog active with Text Link Ads also but for some reason they removed the site from their system due to the site not “meeting their quality standards.” They never told me specifically what I did wrong, but my guess is that it was due to me not updating the blog as often as they expected (I was quite busy at the time with many projects) and naturally they want to offer to their advertisers the freshest content. Anyways, I resubmitted my forex blog to their system and text link ads are now actively running on the blog and I already sold 1 ad spot today.

I will keep you all up to date on how text link ads perform. If you do not know what text link ads are, well, it’s a website monetization tool, sort of like AdSense but sort of not. I would say it’s more like Skimlinks. Anyways if you wish to find out more about Text Link Ads I recommend you click their link below:

Until next time, I wish you all the best.


Update on Skimlinks performance

skimlinks logo

Hi everyone.  On Nov 9’th I blogged about how I have been testing a new website monetization system called “Skimlinks” and I did promise that I will write a full review after a month or so of use, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give you a brief update on how Skimlinks has been working for me.

So far I am happy with the earnings I’ve gotten from Skimlinks – it isn’t a “lot” but it’s ok for a small beginning. In total I think I’m approaching $50 from the 9’th of this month till today. Like I said, nothing to write home about but better than nothing. As I said in my previous post, if you combine Skimlinks with AdSense you will maximize your earning potential, so this is something that I definitely recommend you do.

What I found interesting is that so far the major chunk of my Skimlinks earnings come from Amazon sales. Thus if your website is rich in product related keywords you could potentially pull in some nice commissions.

I’m going to end this post here, but like I said the full review is coming soon.

Best of luck to you all,



I’m trying out SkimLinks and SkimWords

skimlinks logo

Hi everyone.

I just recently ran into a new website monetization scheme called Skimlinks. After doing some research on it and upon finding out that they’ve got an easy way to integrate their platform into my favorite forum software (vBulletin) I decided to give SkimLinks a try. They have two methods of earning money – SkimLinks and SkimWords. I decided to use both on all sites.

What is SkimLinks?

Skimlinks instantly converts any normal product or merchant link in your content into its equivalent affiliate link as a user clicks on it.

What is SkimWords?

Skimwords automatically turn product references in your content into links to where the user can buy the item (and make it an affiliate link on the way).

I am a little bit late to the game as Skimlinks has been around in some shape or form for quite some time now. On their website it says the company was founded by Alicia Navarro in 2006, but the full blown Skimlinks platform came into being in 2008. However, now that their platform is fully ‘tried and tested’ and has grown in popularity I feel a bit safer that I’m not wasting my time with it.

Now for the all important question, can you make money from Skimlinks. The answer for me has been yes. Bear in mind that I activated Skimlinks on most of my sites a few days ago. So far I’ve earned $21.78 in total and had 18 or so sales that generated affiliate commissions. So what I’m saying is that so far it works for me. I will continue to use it and test it for the long term and report back my findings.

If you have a website or multiple websites that receive a generous amount of traffic I think you should give Skimlinks a try. Combining Google AdSense with Skimlinks is the most potent setup you can have in my opinion.

I plan to write a full review of Skimlinks in a month or two after I have more experience with it and see how well it forms “for the long haul.”

If you wish to join Skimlinks as a publisher like me (and I recommend you do) go over to the Skimlinks homepage and join.

That does it for this post.

Best of luck to you!


I’m trying out Linknami


Hi everyone. Hope you all are having success with all your various money making ventures!

As for me I’ve been more busy than usual with my Forex adventure to focus much on anything. But a few days ago I came across a advertising and ad publishing platform called “Linknami” (clever name I suppose) and I’ve decided to sign-up for it. So you may start seeing a few in text links from them popping up at random here on my blog, or you may not – it all depends on how well Linknami’s platform works for me. As such I intend to test it for a while and write a review of it later on with a ton more details than I intend to provide in this posting.

If you have website, blog or any other web presence and you’d like to give Linknami a try much like I am doing, I recommend you checkout their link here:

I’ll keep you all posted on whether Linknami is a good website monetization tool or not.


Guiding Your Website Visitors to Action

By Ken Lochridge

One facet of effective design that I often see people ignore is guiding the visitor. If you don’t effectively help your visitor find, see, read and click what you want them to on your site, you are missing out on revenue.

When a visitor hits your page, you have a few seconds to convey the message that you have what they want, and they can easily get it.

Doing this while encouraging and enticing them to act on your site can mean the difference between an average site and conversion-churner. This strategy may be more effective on some sites or topics than others, but I believe it can improve any site, no matter the topic or purpose.

If a page’s major elements, such as navigation, logos, headings and images are equally dominant and sporadically placed, the visitor must figure out what to do or read next.

Contrast that with a site that has strategically placed elements, with color and contrast variations that are easy to follow. Here, the visitor will travel the path of least resistance and generally follow your direction. Your site will be more successful when you don’t make the user think. Make it easy by using a bread crumb trail of tasty bits for the eye to follow.

Once your visitor arrives, your page needs to turn into a funnel. Every template or page should have a purpose, a desired action from the user. Whether it’s to drill down, believe and trust you, make a purchase, click on an ad or whatever, you should have a goal for the user at every point in your online presence.

You may have a structure that leads the visitor from basic home page information, drilling down to specific products or services, and sales pages for each. Or, you may have a store that showcases items on every page. Regardless, each page has a purpose and you should help your visitor engage that purpose.

One way of implementing this is the blur test. To perform this test, sit back from your monitor, maybe a foot or two more than usual. Defocus your eyes – start to cross your eyes, but don’t actually let them cross. Your page should be blurry, and the major elements should stand out.

Start at the upper left corner of the page and let your eye lazily fall downwards and to the right, and allow it to stop at the first thing that stands out on your page. Then follow on to the next item, and so on.

With practice, you can simulate what your visitors’ eyes are attracted to, and how they flow through your page.

You will be able to identify elements that are fighting each other for dominance, which direction the flow moves on your page and then make adjustments and corrections to encourage the behavior you want. You can learn a feel for this, and guiding your visitor can become as natural as ad blending.

Ken Lochridge, of, is a ten year veteran of affiliate marketing.


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